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December 20, 2012
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Hatsune Miku: Blackshot Japanese Sound Pack (BETA) by 3xtmegacoaster10 Hatsune Miku: Blackshot Japanese Sound Pack (BETA) by 3xtmegacoaster10
Blackshot Japanese Sound Pack Mod (BETA)
Hatsune Miku Edition Version 1.0 (UPDATED 4/12/2013)
(Available only for Vanessa and Cathy only!!)
Finally After Months of Editing and sleepless nights, I manage to finish the sound pack just in time for christmas :D
Anyways, do expect some very Minor Sound Mistakes as i'm not a Professional Audio Editor :(
but well, Enjoy!

EDIT: 24/6/2013
This Sound Pack Has Been Changed To BETA Since There Are Still Many Files Missing. Expect More Updates To Come. Stay Tuned!!

EDIT & UPDATED! 30/6/2013:
Well After A Period Of Watching Anime, I Manage To Catch & Understand Some Of The Words And Decided To Re-make/Re-Master/Correct The mispronounced Radio Calls. Tested it And Works Out Well. On The Other Hand, I Realized That During one of the Matches, the second "I'm Okay" Radio Call, was spoken in the default Sound. So After I Did Some Hunting And Tracking, I Managed To Add A New One For That Too. Also, I'm Aware That the 9kill-f Is in english. That's Not A mistake But rather A Postponed Plan As I'm Trying To Find A Way To Make Miku Sound abit More......... "Insane".
More Details And Update Logs can Be Found In The Read Me File Included
(Sorry For The Wait ^_^ Hope It Wasn't Too Long :3 )

EDIT & UPDATED! 4/12/2013
While working on the blackshot Japanese sound pack Phase II, I discovered that the following sounds: F_follow_01, F_follow_02 were cut off at the last part and since I thought it didn't quite right for a radio call to be that long, I've Decided to remaster it. Hope it didn't cause too much of an annoyance ^^"

What's New:
F_no-01, F_no-02, F_ok-01, F_sorry-02, F_thanks & insane (Multi Grenade Kills)
Missing Sound Patched:

Re-Mastered and patched corrupted sounds:

If You Do Not Know How To Install This Sound Pack. Watch The Video
Oh and Please, view the read me File included inside before you use the sound pack to avoid any errors And Misunderstanding.
Download has been unlocked ^^ Merry Christmas !! (Download Button is located Near The Right Hand Side)
Winter Miku by KEdd-P

Update Log:
(Updated 1/1/2013 Reason: 2 Missing And 1 Corrupted File Patched)
(Updated 30/6/2013 Reason: 6 Remastered And 1 Missing File Patched)
(Updated 4/12/2013 Reason: 2 Corrupted Files Patched and Re-mastered)

Background details about how this project started:
some time around March 27th, I asked my friend Eventsniper whether was it possible for him to make this sound pack considering he has the Vocaloid 2 program. he said he was going to try and make it but after awhile, he didn't seem to have the time to continue so the project was called off.

but somewhere around April, one of my friend who recently came back from Japan brought me a bundle copy of the software and I was able to restart the project and after a while, it was completed. while I was making this sound pack, I found out that it was kinda fun making the sound pack so I though I‘d extend this project and start to make more sound packs featuring other Vocaloids if I had the time. so I promise, there will be a Rin and Len kagamine versions coming out but I doubt it would be coming out anytime this year (2013). I have lots of school work and a major exam coming up. so for now, I hope you guys enjoy this sound pack ^_^ and do comment any suggestions or improvements And Missing Files Report
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LOL, it makes blackshot more of a troll xD
Kinda funny how you said it cause I've always thought that Blackshot its self WAS a troll.
Completely imbalanced gameplays...
Thanks alot 3xt o/ 
where to download ??
where to download?
Download button's on the right hand side.

can't waitttt
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